Kingsburg Gun Club

The Kingsburg Gun Club is a member ran and operated club serving to protect, support, and embrace the timeless sport of trap shooting. The club is open to the public every Tuesday and Sunday unless posted otherwise.

League Trapshoot

It is now time for the league trap shoot. We would like to invite you to come out and participate in this shoot. Each year there are new shooters who discover the sport of trapshooting through league shoots, so bring your buddies, wives and neighbors.

This league will run for 6 Tuesday nights, one shoot off night and an awards dinner on a Saturday. (You may bring one guest to the dinner). This league will be limited to 100 squads.

THE FEE FOR THIS LEAGUE WILL BE $100.00 AND MUST BE PAID WHEN YOU SIGN UP. There will be no refunds after the final signup night. Shooters UNDER 16 will be allowed to shoot for $75.00.

Check out the events page for dates and times to sign up!

Check out the Events page for current and upcoming events! #EVENTS